Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The SigmaWay Pillars


Our mission is to be a flexible and innovative transformation catalyst, providing world-class analytics, process optimization, training and outsourcing services, enabling our clients to soar to new heights.



We believe continuous process improvement and innovation isn’t only desirable, it’s the only way to be competitive in the 21st century.

We believe that optimizing processes is fun, and make sure our clients share that experience.

We believe in continuous human capital enrichment to stay on the cutting edge of capabilities.

We believe in never forsaking creativity, agility and innovation.

We believe if something doesn’t add value, it shouldn’t be done in 99.999% of the cases.

We believe we were put on this planet to optimize every business process in existence, and add significant value to our clients while doing so.

We believe in factoring the end customer into every transaction, by optimizing value chains and not just silos.

We believe in absolute integrity in every interaction with our employees and clients.

We believe that thought leadership and analysis should lead to action.

We believe that flexibility creates win-win partnerships.

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