Data Analytics Trainings & Workshops

Data Analytics Trainings & Workshops

Do you know?

Around 3 Billion Gigabyte data is created everyday. Out of this 80% of the data is unstructured.

So how do we analyze this huge amount of data?

Here’s where data analytics comes into picture.

Data Analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions from it. In today’s environment, where data driven business decisions are the norm, becoming familiar with data analysis tools and techniques is key to professional growth.

Whether it is understanding your process or the client's, our statistical and data analysis trainings will help you decipher what your data is saying about the business.

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Rapidminer Traininf

Data Analytics using RapidMiner

Do you want to pursue machine learning without any coding? Learn it using the best open source predictive analytics software - RapidMiner.

Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel for Management Consultants and Analysts

Excel is not just a tool, it's a skill that helps you plan, organize, direct and control. Learn this and increase your efficiency.

R Training

R for Data Scientists

Are you aiming to be a data scientist? Learn to implement the most widely used language for statistical analysis, predictive modeling and visualization. - R and give a boost to your career.

Qualitative Research Training

Qualitative Research for MBAs

Numbers don't always reveal the complete truth. Learn to apply your management and research skills to get the complete picture by doing Qualitative Research.

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Join our Data Analytics Training to build a Successful Analytics Career.

Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our Analysts can do for you! You can engage us in an on-demand short term project or a long term ongoing assignment for comprehensive insights to your current and past datasets.

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