Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

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Right now, as you read this, people are talking about your brand. And your competitor’s brands. Your customers, your suppliers, your employees – they are expressing their opinion on social media. If you could listen to them, you could uncover a plethora of information that could help you develop a targeted brand strategy, and see more Return on Investment from your social media spend.

And that is exactly what our social media analytics offering can do for you - be your eyes and ears on the ground, and transform information to recommendations. No need to go all over the web to find what tools suit you best, and then struggle to suit it to your needs. We create a one stop, customized analytics solution – to help you align your social media effort to your business goals.

Our Solutions

Social Media Analytics - Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

How many more people are you able to reach through your ongoing social media engagement? Where do they come from – what kind of audience are you attracting? Such questions are answered by SigmaWay’s brand awareness analytics suite.
Social Media Analytics - Conversion


Conversion is the point of revenue generation and revenue is the base of any business. These days, social media has become as much important for conversions as are other offline modes. Track sales generated through social media using SigmaWay’s analytics services to make use of this alternate sales channel.
Social Media Analytics - Benchmarking


Once you are aware of your brand’s social media standing, it’s time to do benchmarking i.e. comparing it with industry competitors. SigmaWay offers such comparatives in terms of brand engagement and brand responsiveness. These help uncover the underlying message and target your strategy - number and type of responses your brand posts have got, how responsive is your brand to fan posts, compared to competitors.
Social Media Analytics - Increase Customer Satisfaction & Brand Responsiveness

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Brand Responsiveness

Sentiment Analysis helps you understand what is being talked about your brand. SigmaWay through its sentiment analytics service speeds up the customer satisfaction process by keeping you updated in real time. We also help you improve brand responsiveness through issue resolution by categorizing and channelizing customer complaints / messages in social media to relevant departments.
Social Media Analytics - Target Relevant Audience

Target Relevant Audience

Reaching out to relevant audience is significant for any business. This helps both customers and business to meet their objectives. Through the keywords analyzer, SigmaWay helps you uncover what attracts the customer – and lead them to discover your products and services.

Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

Contact us today for a “proof of concept” of what our Analysts can do for you! You can engage us in an on-demand short term project or a long term ongoing assignment for comprehensive insights to your current and past datasets.

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